"We could not own a house in Florida and live in New York without the support of David, Michelle and Chris.  Aside from the weekly checks and caretaking, they have helped us through several crises that would have done us in. We had a tree root cut into our main water line from the street on New Year's Eve and a house full of 10, and somehow Michelle found a plumber to come and fix it.  If that wasn't enough, they packed up our house, golf clubs and car and shipped it all to us in New York when the coronavirus made it impossible to return to Florida this March. We are so thankful for them all and the At Your Service team."

Harold and Toby Weinberger, client since 2015

"Team AYS …There is no one better!  These are the words that come to mind with regard to AYS, Jupiter: honest, credible, responsible, dependable, reliable, trustworthy … And the synonyms only go on & on!  David, Michelle, & their team have had my families back for more than 20 years now, and they have not once dropped the ball.

What always impressed me the most …Whenever they complete a job, whatever that job may be, you would never even know that they were in your home in the first place (or office for that matter).  At Your Service is an exception to the rule today with regard to how much you can trust … Infinity is how I see it."

Ronnie Merken, client for over 20 years

“I have been working with the AT YOUR SERVICE TEAM for 12+ years.  They have never disappointed me!  They have been able to take care of all of my requests.  In addition to House Watching, I have used them for power washing, installing hurricane shutters, driving my cars up North, changing my A/C filters, and lots of assorted handyman services.  When I have a home related issue, I always call the AYS team first!"

Ron Hersch, client since 2008

"We have worked with David, Michelle, Chris & Robert for over 25 years, while living up north in summers and in Admirals Cove in winters.  They are a wonderful, dependable , caring service that gives us peace of mind while away from our Florida Home. We would recommend their service ." 
Chris and Jim Embrescia ,  Admirals Cove resident, client since 1990

"David and Michelle and their whole team have been invaluable helpers for us for many years. They are eminently trustworthy, reliable and skillful. Can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for us."

Nancy Moyer, client since 2004

"Whether it is the weekly service when we are up north or for that occasional 'issue', At Your Service has always been there for us"

Rodger Hess, client since 2009

"I love having David, Michelle and Chris and the team always there when I need them. They were there when my toilet flooded my home and I was out of town-and also there when I needed an emergency ride to the airport. They make me feel more secure knowing there is a team of reliable, concerned and capable people available to help me maintain my home. They are the best!"

Gloria Lipson, client for 20 + years

"We have used At Your Service for many, many years. They have been just marvelous and I don’t think I could live here without them. David, Michelle, Chris & Robert are always there when needed"

Ann & Tony Wimpfheimer, client since 2004

"Robert has been terrific.  I can count on him to resolve a myriad of problems and handle various projects that come up at the house. When I am gone for the summer, I feel very comfortable leaving our house in his capable hands. Dave, Robert, and Michelle are a great team and have done a wonderful job for me over the past several years."

Larry Klong, client since 2011

"We have had the pleasure of dealing with David and Michelle almost from the moment we moved to Jupiter from Chicago. We knew little about the area or the workings of our community and we have been fortunate to have benefited from their stewardship and excellent service since. It is truly noteworthy to receive such personable, professional and efficient service. There does not appear to be any task or situation too difficult and we recommend them wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm. "

Rick & Alli Gulliver, client since 2018

"For all of your house care needs when you can’t be there or even when you can, Michelle, David and their team are there to help.  I couldn’t have completed my new home from long distance without their services, from coordinating large deliveries to resolving new construction issues. Their work ethic and skill set have given me total piece of mind."

Karen & David Mazie, client since 2019

"We have worked with the Team at At Your Service for many years and have found them to be pragmatic, professional and trustworthy. They make owning a second home easier."

Chicago family with a house in Jupiter, client since 2012

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